Halloween Around the Hot Tub

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Hosting a Halloween themed party this year around the hot tub? Here are some ideas to spook up party and delight your guests!


Lighting can play a huge role in setting the mood for a Halloween themed party. If you have LED lighting it can be as simple as changing the color to set the right mood. Don’t have LED lighting? Grab some submersible glow sticks to add the desired color effect to your spa.

Try out some of these fun Halloween color themes:

Acid Pool – Want your spa to look like a pool of acid? Make your spa green and add a sign that says “Danger Acid”  near your spa for added effect.

Dead Man’s Pool – Looking for something more dramatic? Set your tub lighting to red to emulate a bloody  pool. Add a sign that says “Dead Mans Pool: Enter if you dare.” Along with this you can add some skeleton decor around the tub to up the drama. Try finding items such as skeletons, bones, body parts, and skulls to set up around the tub.

Witch’s Cauldron – Change your lighting to purple and enjoy a large Witches Brew cauldron. Add a sign that says “Witch’s Cauldron: Humans Needed” and have your guests be the ingredients! Place some witch decor like brooms, witches hats, and black cat props around the hot tub to add to the theme.

If you have an outdoors hot tub be sure to take advantage of making the area extra spooky! Get a fog machine and watch your yard transform into an spooky haunt. For added effect stick some tombstones in the grass, place fake insects, rodents, and snakes around the yard. You can also hang some bats from trees, spread spider cobwebs everywhere, and put motion sensor props near where guests will most likely be to give them a proper scare.

Food & Drinks

We recommend hosting your party after dinner so that the Halloween theme is properly set. Some spooky themed snack ideas could be chips labelled as “Bone Shards”, salsa labelled as “Blended Human,” and guacamole labelled as “Blended Frog.” If you’re looking for something more on the sweeter side try making some “Eyeball” peanut butter balls and skeleton cookies.

For a spooky take on refreshments try some blood red fruit or punch or black as death cola. Since there will be plenty of sugar going around and time spent in the hot tub make sure that there is plenty of water for guests so that they will be well hydrated.

Remember to keep food out of the hot tub as it can clog filters and to utilize plastic drinking cups so that no broken glass can get into the spa. Keep in mind that both hot water and alcohol causes dehydration, so ensure that your guests are limiting their time in the tub and staying hydrated if they’re enjoying spiked witches brew.


Keep your guests entertained with some Halloween themed games to start the holidays off right.

Costume Contest: Once all of the guests have arrived, start the night off with a costume contest. Have everyone vote for their favorite costume. Winner gets to be the first in the hot tub or you can provide them with a goodie basket filled with treats for a job well done.

Guess Who: Have your guests play a game of guess who! Put the name of a bunch of famous horror characters peon some index cards for your guest to draw from. The guest will draw an index card and hold it up so other guests are able to view it. The guest will then be able to ask the audience yes or no question in order to try and figure out who their character is.

Scary Stories: Nothing sets the mood like a scary story. Once your guests have settled in the hot tub, invite them to gather around and share their favorite scary stories. Make sure to have a few prepared before hand so you can kick off the storytelling.


No party is complete without a little music to liven things up. Put on some Halloween tunes to set the right kind of spooky mood. We suggest starting the off the night with some fun classics like Thriller and monster mash then as the night progresses switch it up to some iconic movie hits music like Psycho and Jaws. When everyone is well into their witches brew bring on the party music so they can move their feet and not stand around like a zombie.


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