3 Common Hot Tub Filter Problems & Solutions

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The purpose of a spa filter is to remove impurities and particles in order to keep your system running smoothly. Filters are a vital component of your spa, ensuring safe and good quality water.

Keep reading to find out about the most common hot tub filter problems and how to solve them!

1. Cracks in your filter

Spa filters will sometimes crack on one of the colored rubber end caps. It is also possible that your filter cracks along the center support cage. Although this is not the most common occurrence, you will need to replace the cartridge if this happens to you. It is important that you determine the source of the crack.

Here are some possibilities:

  • spa filter pump is too large for the filter
  • closing a valve after the filter while the pump is still running
  • undersized filter gets extremely dirty

2. Clogged spa filters

If your spa filter is getting clogged up in short periods of time, then something needs to be done. This problem usually happens when the filter gets coated with an oily film, mineral scale, or both. You can use a spa filter cleaner to unclog the small passageways between the filter fibers.

If you notice the problem persisting, we recommend that you replace the filter, no matter how new it is.

3. Fuzzy spa filter

If you notice that the ends of your filter’s pleated fabric becomes fuzzy, this is a problem because it will worsen your filter’s ability to capture dirt particles. Why do the cartridge ends unravel? Usually it is related to chemical imbalances or high sanitizer levels in the water. This also may occurs if you wash your filter with too much pressure (for example, with a pressure washer – do not do this). To fix this problem we advise that you get a new filter.

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