4 Exercises To Try In Your Swim Spa!

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You don’t have to go to the gym to get a good workout in. Quick Spa Parts makes it easy to turn your swim spa into an at home gym. For some popular exercises that you can do in your swim spa, keep reading!

Rowing Exercises

Utilize your swim spa to strengthen your back muscles and reduce the strain commonly
caused by sitting throughout the day. In fact, rowing can strengthen major muscle groups in the chest, back and arms while providing a great cardiovascular workout.
Targeted Muscle Groups:
Back, Chest, Arms

Swimming Exercises

With room for more than a straightforward, front crawl swim stroke, Cal Spas Swim Spas are designed to give you space for an entire aerobic and swimming exercise routine. The
spa’s powerful, focused swim jets produce a water current that not only provides a unique aquatic workout but also one that’s tailored to your swimming skill level thanks to fully adjustable speed controls.
Targeted Muscle Groups:
Back, Arms, Legs, Chest, Shoulders

Bicep Building Exercises

Utilize available Swim Spa exercise cables allow you to focus on building strength in your biceps. Strong arms are vital for getting a great body that is not only toned but also functional. Swim Spas enable you to have incredible workouts that feature powerful arm-building exercises for the ultimate in strength training.
Targeted Muscle Groups:

Spa Jogging and Running Exercises

Thanks to Cal Spas precision engineering and advanced aquatic design, users are able to jog and run in their Swim Spa! Due to the support provided by water buoyancy, users will now be able to enjoy a great cardiovascular exercise without any undue stress on their joints and bones. With a variable speed water current, Swim Spas allow users to develop
stronger and more flexible legs.
Targeted Muscle Groups:

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