Backyard Aquatic Spa

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Experts agree that regular exercise is beneficial for your mind and body. Frequent exercise offers many health benefits including improving your cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of many health problems and increasing muscular strength and balance. However, many people find it hard to incorporate the gym into their busy schedule. With a Cal Spas Swim Spa, you can have the convenience of a complete aquatic gym in the comfort of your own backyard.

Cal Spas swim spa models for every fitness level, from beginner to health enthusiast to the professional athlete. The swim spas are designed to provide the best aquatic workout, such as treadmill swimming and strength training, while delivering unsurpassed results and health benefits.

To provide the best possible aquatic workout, check out for available exercise equipment. Swim Spas by Cal Spas are designed to help you put your health first by making aquatic exercise fun and effective so that you will see the results, and feel the difference in your everyday life!

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