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Starting today, you can save on all your spa necessities for winter through Black Friday! Cal Spas hot tub

There is no better time to enjoy a warm soak in your spa hot tub than in winter time. Before considering draining your hot tub for the season, consider this: your spa is meant for relaxation and enjoyment, so why not use it all year long?

First things first! Make sure you have a proper fitting spa cover to keep your spa running throughout the cold months without costing you an arm and a leg! A spa cover is a great way to maintain your spa clean, but it can also keep your spa insulated retaining heat. This will reduce the need for your heater to run overtime!Cover-Girl-1024x638

Frozen hot tubs can occur in winter storms, so it is very important to pay close attention to your hot tub in extreme conditions. Make sure to increase your spa’s temperature during storm and keep covered. If power loss happens, make sure to keep your spa tightly covered to prevent freezing. Freezing could cause broken pipes and permanent damages to your hot tub. Spa Cover Diagram

There is no better time to cover and protect your hot tub, and there’s no better offer than Quick Spa Part’s Black Friday Deal! Keep your spa ready to enjoy through the cold winter months, purchase a spa cover from Quick Spa Parts and save 20% off your entire purchase now through November 28.

Stock up on all your spa accessories including pillows and cover lifts. Quick Spa Parts offers the most extensive selection of Cal Spas replacement parts.10383664_574621709325426_1856027526394252362_n

Remember, shop Quick Spa Parts now, through November 28 and save 20% off your entire purchase. Shop now:

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