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Having a hard time deciding on which spa to choose? Check this quick guide to explore which spa will best suite your needs!

Relaxation is one spa session away! With the Veranda you can finally relax and unwind as your stress melts away with every minute you spend in this heavenly spa! Two person seating means you can relax with company!


Luxury modern villa with Infinity Pool and teak deck

Embrace the ultimate aquatic workout experience with a Swim Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spa. Enjoy the convenience of a complete aquatic exercise regime in the comfort of your own backyard. Swim Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spas are precision-engineered to offer resistance swimming against a smooth current that is adjustable to your speed and ability. Increase your strength with optional training accessories that target major muscle groups. Experience the ease of owning your own swim spa and feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

The Patio™ Series collection from Cal Spas combines classic design and cutting edge technology while delivering a total body hydrotherapy experience. Patio Spas are convenient Plug-N-Play Spas which function from a standard 110V outlet. Plenty of options compliment any outdoor environment, style, and personal level of comfort.


Escape™ Spas are designed to suit your daily hot tub preferences. Adjustable controls and innovative feature options immediately deliver the level of therapy that will exceed your expectations. Escape from the daily grind into your own private oasis in the comfort of your own home.


Platinum Spas will accommodate all your friends and family in style! Each seat offers a unique custom hydrotherapy massage that is changeable in arms reach. Enjoy immersing yourself in this spa series with seats that fit your body as pressures from the world disappear. Our cutting edge technology is built to last!


Offering premium in-ground spas that are advanced alternatives to long-established concrete hot tubs. Design your in-ground spa to fit your backyard landscape. Choose between various shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs and lifestyle. Implementing a custom built-in look for your backyard has never been so easy! Available with or without massage therapy jets, In-Ground™ Spas are the ultimate answer to relaxing in-ground hydrotherapy.

Cal Spas U-Select™ allows you to customize any new Platinum Plus spa by selecting from 10 unique U-Select hydrotherapy systems. U-Select™ are positioned in various configurations to deliver a unique massage that pinpoints specific areas of your back. U-Select™ is designed for you by you for your hydrotherapy needs.

Want to explore more options? Check out today and find the perfect fit for you!

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