Easiest Way to Renovate Your Hot Tub

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Quick Spa Parts is the easiest way to renovate your hot tub. Showing your hot tub a little tender love and care at least once a year is a simple way to maintain a hot tub in the perfect condition to be enjoyed year-round. First thing’s first, assessing your hot tub to find out what parts to play close attention to will allow you to budget yourself for a renovation.Cover-Girl-1024x638

1. Assessing You Hot Tub

There are two types of refurbishments for a hot tub. Is your hot tub in decent working order and simply in need of a face lift, or are there mechanical problems or risks that are going to need to be sorted out before you can begin the aesthetics part of the refurbishment? Determining where you stand with your spa is the first step to determining what materials will be needed for the rest of the refurbishment and repair job.

2. Electrical

If your spa is not working as it should, there are a couple of different things that you are going to want to check and subsequently repair. You should check the power and the circuit breaker. Flip each of the breakers off one at a time if there is an electrical issue. If the hot tub is not powering up as it is supposed to, a fuse problem may be the culprit.

We strongly encourage you to contact a local certified service dealer to ensure your hot tub remains in warranty and to properly take care of any issues.


3. Face Lift

Now you can work on the face lift for your spa. This may involve replacing boards, revitalizing the hot tub cover, repairing leaks, sanding out scuffs and numerous other cosmetic repairs. You can bring a worn hot tub cover back to live with some Armor All. A belt sander and some basic sand paper will smooth out wooden elements, and you may consider staining the wood to bring out its color and grain. Take your time improving the aesthetic value of the hot tub to restore it to its former beauty.

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