Fun & Functional Spa Accessories

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Finding accessories can sometimes be a daunting task. That’s why we took the time to put together this list so you don’t have to!


The Fun








Enhance your hot tub experience with Spazazz aromatherapy crystals. Guaranteed to improve any spa experience with aromas that help to soothe tension and relieve stress.

Cushions & Pillows







There’s no such thing as too many pillows! Additional pillows for your spa can increase enjoyment of your spa with the many options available today. Some pillows allow for you to sit higher above the water if so desired. This can especially be helpful for those who are a bit shorter than most and want the additional height over the water level. Not to mention pillows are a great way to bring additional comfort to your spa.



The Functional








Chemicals are an essential to every spa owner. They help keep the spa clean and sanitized while maintaining the proper spa water balance. Not maintaining spa water can lead to smelly water, unsightly water color, and even cause illnesses and infections.

Cover Lift







Covers can sometimes be heavy and difficult to move. Getting a cover lift for your spa can make lifting your cover up simple and easy. No more worrying about straining your back on moving a heavy cover.

Spa Steps

Spa steps don’t only provide a safe way to enter your spa, they can also add an aesthetically pleasing look to your spa. Cal Metro Surrounds have a great variety available to provide multiple options for your spa environment.

Spa Vac







If your spa is near trees or other foliage that manages to find its way into your spa a great accessory to have is the Spa Vac. The Spa Vac is a device that is quick and easy to use. Some Spa Vacs are just a simple pull and pump system while others are battery operated for simple operation.


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