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Exclusive SwitchlessPro™ Pumps

Cal Spas SwitchlessPro™ Pumps feature low and high speeds with exclusive switchless technology. The low speed is used for filtration and heating while the high speed is used for creating a pressurized massage. Instead of a mechanical switch with springs that physically change between low and high speeds, Cal Spas pumps are switchless and use an electrical relay that provides resiliency and protects the motor. Each switchless pump has a 50% thicker and longer shaft than standard spa pumps for increased durability and output. Hot tub owners will experience a 50% increase in energy efficiency during filtration mode since the pumps are able to fully operate at only two amps.

Exclusive Pumps

Combining the performance and reliability of wet ends and switchless pumps, Cal Spas Exclusive Pumps are the most efficient in the industry. Our Exclusive Dually Pump provides a two pump performance at single pump energy costs.

Cal Spas Pumps are available exclusively at Quick Spa Parts. For more information on Quick Spa Parts, please visit: www.quickspaparts.com


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