Holiday in the Hot Tub

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Don’t let your hot tub be left out this holiday season! With the holidays here there’s no reason why your hot tub can’t be a contributor to spreading the holiday cheer.

You decorate your house, your yard, and some people even decorate their cars, so why not spread some of the holiday decor to the hot tub? With your Cal Spa you have the option to customize your LED lighting to something a little more festive. How about some alternating greens and reds or even some hues of blue?

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If you’re covered on the lights department and want to up the festive cheer add some garland and hang some ornaments for that extra oomph that your neighbors will exclaim over how creative you are!

The hot tub is a great way to bring people together. Get your family and friends together and share the holidays in the hot tub with a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub. After all the holiday shopping who couldn’t use a little de-stressing? For an extra boost to stress relief add in some Stress Therapy aromatherapy to really get everyone in the holiday mood.

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Now that the decor and company are set there’s only one thing left to set for a great holiday in the hot tub: Music! It’s not a party without the best beats coming from your hot tub speakers. Baby it’s cold outside so hop in the hot tub and play the classic holiday hits.

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