How To Turn Your Spa Into A Therapy Pool

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Are you losing out on sleep due to stress? Let us help you alleviate your worries and turn your spa into a therapy pool with our Rx Sleep Therapy Crystals by Spazazz. Our special sleep therapy blend has both anti-inflammatory and stress relieving properties that are sure to wash your troubles away.

Quick Spa Parts has the products you need to relax your mind and body for a full nights sleep.

The aromatherapy crystals are specially formulated for use in hot tubs, spas, and bath tubs. This means that the crystals will

  • Maintain your spa chemistry
  • Maintain the pH of the water
  • Leave no trace of scummy residue
  • Have no affect on your spa filtration system

How does aromatherapy work?

The crystals mix in with the water, circulating and releasing their aroma and healing properties. Just add to your hot tub, spa or bath tub and let our natural sleep therapy blend do the rest!

For a full list of our aromatherapy products visit Quick Spa Parts Aromatherapy.

To take your relaxation to the next level, add Quick Spa Parts Jets and experience luxurious hydrotherapy.

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