Did You Know You Can Design Your Own Spa Cover?

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After proper sanitization and water balance, your spa cover itself is the single most critical piece of equipment to keep your hot tub water clean, and to keep your energy bill at a reasonable level. Saving money on heating costs means properly insulating your tub, and that is what good insulating spa covers achieve. Heat rises, and just like in your home, most heat loss in a hot tub goes directly up. By sitting just above the steaming water, a well-made hot tub cover provides proper insulation to help trap the heat inside

Design your new hot tub cover in four easy steps:

1)      Choose your insulation thickness.

Options include our basic Thermo-Shield cover, our standard Thermo-Shield cover, and our Deluxe Thermo-Shield cover.

2)      Select the shape of your spa.

3)      Select your fabric color choice.

We have ten options for you to choose from!

4)      Enter your cover measurements.

It’s that easy! For more information, click here.

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