Maintenance Guide – Stucco, Rock, Steel

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If the stucco on your barbecue island ever becomes damaged, it can be easily repaired using the stucco supplied in your barbecue care kit. Use your finger or a putty knife to apply the stucco to the problem area. Once the repair has been done, make sure the stucco container has an airtight seal so the remaining material will not harden and be used for future repairs.

Rock or Brick

If your barbecue island has either a rock or brick finish, you will have a container of mortar mix. This material is to be used if the mortar around the rock or brick becomes damaged. Mix the speed set with water to the consistency of thick mud and apply to the problem area. Once applied, let the material set for a while and wipe gently with a wire brush.

Stainless Steel

All exposed stainless steel surfaces require special attention if you want to keep them looking clean and bright. Following these simple instructions will help avoid scratching or damaging the finish and keep your stainless steel attractive.

Although stainless steel grills will discolor and accumulate grime with regular use, they can keep their original shine with periodic cleaning. We strongly recommend using a surface protectant to prevent smudg-ing and surface rust from accumulating.The easiest way to clean the grill is immediately after cooking is completed. Doing so will extend the life of your grill, prevent grease fires, and present a pleasant appearance while you grill.

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