One more week – 20% off Filters!

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With Fall quickly approaching now is the time to prepare for cool nights and peaceful time in the spa. If you have an old filter it’s possible that it could damage your spa and you can say goodbye to your nights of relaxation.

Filters help to keep your water crystal clear and to maintain clean and debris free. If you’re running an old filter this could cause the spa to work overtime as well as contribute to the decline in water quality. When it comes to performance, the filtration system is at the heart of your spa’s function. Optimize your spa’s performance and water quality with a Cal Spas replacement filter.

Quick Spa Parts has 20% off on all Spa Filters so there’s no better time than today to order your replacement filter and ensure that you and your spa are prepared for the Fall season. Don’t miss out on this deal that will only be around for one more week! Order today!

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