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Now that the holidays are over it’s time to hop back into the spa and finally relax. No more stressing over last minute presents, hovering family members, or herding the kids over to the in-laws in time for the family dinner.

A great way to truly immerse yourself into a relaxing atmosphere is to add aromatherapy to your spa. With the great additions of Spa Therapy Bombs it’s easier than ever to add soothing scents of Lavender. Coconut, or Toasty Cozy Sugar to your spa. If you’re not down for an explosion of aroma, try something a little softer such as the bath crystals where you’re in control of how much or how little your spa will be immersed in soothing aromas. For some great aromatic choices check out our selection here:

If you’ve got your soothing scents already picked out the next step is to set the mood with sound. The gentle bubbling of the spa can be soothing on it’s own but why not add some gentle music tones to the background to maximize your de-stress atmosphere. If you’re looking to up the oomph in your sound system check out our sound systems here:

Now that you’ve got your mood set all that’s left is the finishing touches: accessories! Setting the mood is no good if you finish up your soothing session and go to step out of your spa, slip and fall, and hit your head on the corner of the tub! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an extreme case scenario but it could happen! Avoid extreme case scenarios like the above by adding in some surrounds to your spa. A three tier step can go a long way to adding to the environment and adding safety to your spa! Check out some safe and beautifully crafted steps here:

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your spa, add some environment, or replace parts for your spa, Quick Spa Parts has it all and is your One Stop Shop for all your spa needs.

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