Spa Maintenance During Cold Months

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cal-spas-winterizing-tabletQuick Spa Parts wants to make sure you keep your spa in top working condition. Now that the weather is getting colder you need to keep an eye on your spa to ensure that there aren’t any unforeseen problems.

Regularly running your spa allows you to avoid most problems relating to the cold but sometimes spas can freeze over. Often times this happens when a spa owner forgets to cover their spa or run it for a while. Frozen water can sometimes damage the acrylic, jets, and other parts of a spa. This is why it is so important to follow proper spa maintenance and keep your spa properly warmed at regular heat levels.

In the event that you’ll be traveling or simply wish to not have to worry about the spa in very cold weather, then it’s best to simply drain the spa. This avoids water from freezing, expanding inside the spa, and damaging the acrylic, jets, controls, and anywhere else water can enter, remain, and expand such as in the pipes or pumps.

By taking care of your spa during colder months, you’ll still be able to enjoy it even when it is snowing so it can keep you warm no matter how long the Winter weather lasts.

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