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Alcohol & Food

Alcohol and drugs should never be used before or during spa time. Hot water temperatures intensifies the effects of spirits and can cause drowsiness or overheating.  Along with this you should be drinking plenty of cool water to keep hydrated.

Any food or drink near the spa should be kept in shatter resistant containers. If using plates or glasses that can break you run the risk of shards getting in the water which can be extremely unsafe.

Pregnancy & Children

Mothers and mothers-to-be should be extremely cautious if deciding to spend some quality family time in the hot tub.  Fully emerging your body into warm waters causes body temperatures to rise, which can be potentially harmful for unborn children. You should consult your doctor to discuss if spa use is safe for you.

Young children have skin that is more sensitive and prone to overheating, so use caution when you decide to introduce them to the hot tub.  The CSPC recommends water 95°F or cooler for children over the age of 5, so be sure to set your hot tub to an appropriate water temperature and allow it to cool down before use.

Small children should never be left alone near water in homes, even if it’s less than a minute, or can swim. Children can drown in only a few inches of water so it is extremely important to supervise any child near water.

Sores & Wounds

If you have any open sore or wounds it is best to not enter the spa. Warm temperatures serve as a perfect environment for infections to spread with increased risks for water that isn’t well maintained.

Secure Spa Covers

Whenever your spa is not in use it should always be covered. Not only will it keep your spa from getting debris, insects, and animals into the water it will also keep your children safe. If your cover locks are rusted or broken be sure to replace them right away.

Water Temperature

Some spas are factory set to a maximum temperature of 104°F. Higher temperatures can cause undue stress on the cardiovascular system so it’s important to set the temperature that best suits you.  Most people find 100°F to 102°F to be the most comfortable.

Along with this be mindful of the duration of your time in the spa. It’s recommended to only spend 15 minutes in your spa at the above suggested temperatures. If you’re soaking at a higher temperature, reduce the duration that you spend in the spa. If you start to feel light-headed, dizzy, or nauseous exit the spa immediately as these are signs of too much time spent in the spa..


One of the things to consider when you use your spa is to check the weather. It’s not a good idea to utilize your spa if there is a storm on the way. If the clouds are rolling in cover up your spa and save your spa treatment for another day.

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