State-of-the-Art Cabinets

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Cal Spas hot tubs are constructed with elegant and durable paneling to protect your investment and add everlasting sophistication to your backyard hot tub retreat. These unique cabinet panels protect the spa equipment from elements and can be easily removed for maintenance purposes.

The spa cabinet is an integral part of the construction of the entire hot tub. With durable integrated framework, our cabinet frames are strong enough to support even the largest hot tub designs. All Cal Spas cabinets feature a reinforced wall made of treated lumber that is bracketed and reinforced at the corners. To provide additional support, wood support beams are attached directly to support the seating area. These cabinets also feature an equipment access door for easy access to the spa equipment, equipment enclosure which isolates the equipment from the remainder of the spa, and fresh air vents to provide the motors with cooling, fresh air.

Advantages of Cal Spas state-of-the-art cabinets include:

  • No warping, shrinking or decay
  • No cracking, splitting or chipping
  • Maximum heat retention for lower operating costs – energy efficient!
  • Removable panels for easy access
  • Moisture resistant
  • Soundproof

Cal Spas Cabinet Panels are available exclusively at Quick Spa Parts. For additional information on Quick Spa Parts, please visit:

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