The Beginner’s Guide to Spa Care

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Keep your spa clean and well-maintained, and you will enjoy years of enjoyment relaxing in your spa. Learn about common tasks involved in spa ownership.


Keep your spa covered

Weekly and before each use

Test the spa water

Out of test strips? Get more by clicking the picture below:







Click here to learn more about maintaining your water quality.


Deep clean your spa’s filter.

Every two to four months

Change the spa water. How often you change the water depends on how much you use the spa. When you change the water, you will need to:

Once a year

Replace the filter.

We recommend you replace your filter about once a year, depending on your spa usage and bather load. Before you place a new filter in your spa, make sure you remove the plastic wrapper. Soak the filter a minimum of 24 hours before you insert it in the filter well.

Never use a filter too small for your spa’s water capacity!

If you need a replacement filter visit Quick Spa Parts.

As needed

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