Why you need an iPod station from quickspaparts.com

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Why you need an iPod station from quickspaparts.com


Why should you have to leave your music behind when you want to relax in your hot tub? When you purchase an iPod station from http://www.quickspaparts.com you never have to choose between the water and your music. Imagine never having to relax in your hot tub again without having your music at your fingertips. Whether you prefer to relax to the strains of Mozart or metal, now you can always have your iTunes at hand.


The docking station allows you to listen to either your MP3 files or FM radio with three presets. This can all be controlled from any seat in your spa with the use of a water-resistant remote control so you don’t have to leave the warm, relaxing water of your spa to change the station or turn up the volume. Best of all, these docking stations are compatible with most iPhones and iPods.


Order yours today at quickspaparts.com and enjoy the sounds of relaxation.

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