5 Reasons Why You Need A Hot Tub Cover

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There are cheaper spa covers on the market, but we won’t sell them. Why? Because we’d lose a good customer (you) after they failed in a year or two! Cal Spas custom spa covers last years longer than ordinary spa tops. Our design is the culmination of over many years of cover crafting experience, with more satisfied online customers across America than any other. Keep reading for 5 reasons why you need a Cal Spas Hot Tub Cover.

  1. Safety first. A hot tub cover will prevent children from unintentionally entering your spa and will prevent any possible accidents.
  2. Hot tub covers protect your spa from a variety of elements including dust, dirt, pollutants, rain, insects, and snow.
  3. As a result, this will benefit your filters and pumps, prolonging their life and helping you save money in the long run.
  4. Hot tub covers help retain heat and thus allow your tub to be more energy efficient.
  5. Hot tub covers also prevent any uninvited guests from entering your spa, including pets and wildlife.

Now that we have gone over some of the advantages of owning a cover for your hot tub, let’s discuss the wonderful features of Cal Spas spa covers sold at Quick Spa Parts.

  • Cal Spas custom spa covers last years longer than ordinary spa tops.
  • Cal Spas covers are designed to stand up to the effects of sun, rain, or snow.
  • You’ll save more energy to achieve a lower total cost of ownership over time, than any other spa cover made.
  • Call Spas covers come with a bumper-to-bumper factory warranty for your peace of mind and are now ASTM Certified to meet critical safety standards.
  • The Cal Spas’ step-by-step ordering process means you can easily order the perfect replacement spa cover online, for any spa brand, in just minutes.
  • You can compliment any outdoor home design with a cover on your hot tub for years of energy-efficiency and low-cost hot tub maintenance.

It is time to get yours now! Head over to Quick Spa Parts.

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