BBQ Grill Accessory Spotlight: Charcoal Tray

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Cal Flame’s Charcoal Tray is an amazing addition to your Cal Flame BBQ Grill. Continue reading to find out why.


This tray allows you to transform your propane or natural gas Cal Flame grill into a charcoal grill or smoker.

This adds versatility and variety to your grill. It will allow you to enjoy the flavors that charcoal grilling brings to the table as often as you want!

How do you use it?

This removable tray is easy to use. All you have to do is:

  1. Load the removable tray with the charcoal or smoking materials of your choice. This tray fits easily into your gas grill, right above the burners.
  2. Use your gas burner to light the charcoal in your tray with your gas starter.
  3. Once your coals are hot, turn your burners off and cook as you would with any non-gas grill.

Purchase this tray from Quick BBQ Parts and open yourself up to endless grilling possibilities. Your gas grill has the potential to be so much more – it’s time to broaden your grill’s abilities so you can enjoy full-bodied flavors with charcoal and different woods for smoking.

Visit to get your Charcoal Tray now!

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