Causes and Treatment for a Foamy Hot Tub

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If you have ever opened your hot tub hoping to take a relaxing soak, but were instead met with a layer of foam, then keep reading.

Sometimes hot tubs can produce a lot of foam, and this is not ideal. The foam is caused by foreign particles entering your tub, building up, and being brought to the surface because of air movement. The foam results from dissolved solids sticking to air bubbles as they move up into the air.

Common causes of hot tub foam

  • Soaps and detergents
  • Hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, gel, hairspray, etc)
  • Deodorant and body lotion
  • Makeup
  • Food and drink particles
  • Low calcium hardness
  • High or low pH

How to prevent hot tub foam

  1. Shower or rinse off any soap or makeup before soaking
  2. Clean or rinse bathing suits with fresh water before soaking
  3. Avoid getting hair wet in the tub
  4. Do not eat or drink in the tub
  5. Regularly drain and clean your hot tub

How to eliminate hot tub foam

  1. Test your water and check pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels
  2. Check for total dissolved solids. TDS is caused by an overload of chemicals and other solids that dissolve in the water and build up over time.
  3. Drain and refill your tub
  4. Use anti-foam chemicals. Purchase Foam Down from Quick Spa Parts, which is a concentrated foam suppressant that begins working immediately to eliminate foam. All you have to do is apply directly to foam and watch it disappear. This works if you do not have the time to drain and refill or if you are in need of a quick soak after a stressful day. If foaming persists, contact your local Leisure Time dealer for advice.

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