BBQ Grill Accessory Spotlight: Sear Zone Burner

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Do you want to know how you can elevate your title to official Grill Master?

Cal Flame’s Sear Zone Burner sold by Quick BBQ Parts is the answer.

This Sear Zone Replacement Burner is easy to install

All you have to do is swap out one of the standard stainless steel burners with our intense Sear Zone Burner. This simple upgrade to your Cal Flame grill will instantly up your bbq game. Click here for a video tutorial on how to install your Sear Zone Burner.

It’s even easier to use

This burner replacement creates a zone on the grill that will get hotter much faster than other areas. It is the ideal way to do hotspot browning, caramelizing, or blackening. Emitting 15,000 BTUs, you can sear your meat, fish, or poultry hot and fast to seal in juices and flavor that will make mouths water.

Since this zone of the grill gets extremely hot, you will need to sear your food between 1 and 4 minutes per side to get the perfect sear. After you are done searing, move your food to another part of the grill, where temperatures are lower, to complete the cooking process.

Try out the reverse sear method too! In this method, you will first cook your food over a lower temperature and then transfer your food to the Sear Zone Burner to finish off the cooking. This produces a tender and juicy inside with a crisp edge on whatever you’re cooking!

Learn how to master those classic grill marks and impress everyone you are grilling for with the absolutely unbeatable texture and taste that you get using the Cal Flame Sear Zone Burner.

Experiment with the endless possibilities for delicious and interesting foods, ranging from a thick piece of ribeye to a juicy trumpet mushroom. Get your hands on a Sear Zone Burner and boom, you’re Grill Master!

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