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Quick Spa Parts offers the best priced and widest selection of hot tub and spa parts, accessories, and equipment. Are you having trouble finding parts for your spa or you don’t know what parts to get? Then we have the solution for you! Here are 5 spa parts that you need to buy:

  1. Spa Filters

Spa filters are a great investment for your spa! Spa filters ensure that your hot tub has clean fresh water and is free from debris.

Old filters can damage spas by causing pumps to work overtime and will cause spa water quality to decline profusely. When it comes to performance, the filtration system is at the heart of your spa’s function. Optimize your spa’s performance and water quality with a Cal Spas replacement filter today!

2. Spa Covers

Your hot tub will always be as warm and inviting as the last time you left due to a Cal Spas Cal-Armor Deluxe 5″ to 3″ tapered hot tub cover. Constructed of ultra durable polyester, our covers are specially designed to maximize heat retention and protect your hot tub from the elements. Exclusive child lock safety technology. Shown with optional accessory Pro-Lift Cover lifter.

3. Chlorine/Bromine

Chlorine/Bromine are great products to invest in. These products help sanitize your spa in which they remove any bacteria and help maintain clear spa water. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, it is important to make sure that no bacteria enters your spa water. The CDC has recommended that Bromine and Chlorine products are useful in maintaining your spa and eliminating coronavirus bacteria.

4. Fitness Equipment

Stay in shape with the Cal Spas complete exercise kit! This kit comes with resistance bands, rowing oars, ankle braces, and hand grips! This is the perfect kit that will allow you to get a full body exercise while being inside your spa! Who needs to go to the gym?! Buy your exercise kit today!

5. Cascade Waterfall

Enhance your spa experience with a Cal spas cascade waterfall. The cascade waterfall is designed in classic cascade or vertical fountain styles. The cascade waterfall includes LED lighting features, allowing you to enjoy your spa at night. Relax, refresh, and recover as you hear the calming sounds of a waterfall during your spa experience!

Cal Spas replacement parts are available exclusively at Quick Spa Parts. For more information on Quick Spa Parts, please visit: www.quickspaparts.com

For more information on spa parts, please visit www.quickspaparts.com

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