BBQ Grill Accessory Spotlight: Rotisserie Rod

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Have you ever wanted to enjoy your own rotisserie cooking? Now is your chance, with Cal Flame’s Grill Rotisserie Rod Kit sold by Quick BBQ Parts.

This Rotisserie Rod is easy to install

All you need to do is attach the spit to the grill and start the motor. You can purchase the motor for your Cal Flame grill at Quick BBQ Parts as well! This rotisserie is reversible and can be mounted on the left or right side.

The Rotisserie Rod is great to use

Rotisserie cooking is one of the oldest methods for preparing meat. It is a slow cooking process where the meat slowly and constantly rotates over a fire. It technically is not grilling, but rather roasting because the meat cooks through indirect heat. The outcome of slow cooking over low heat is delicious, juicy, and tender meat!

The best way to impress people with your grilling abilities is to serve up a delicious and moist homemade rotisserie chicken. It is time to get your rotisserie rod attachment out and put a smile on everyone’s faces as they enjoy the full-bodied taste of rotisserie cooking!

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