Enjoy your spa in the summer!

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When summertime comes around it’s common for spa owners to cover up their spa and forget about it until cooler weather approaches. Lucky for you there’s a way to utilize your spa even with the summer heat.

We know the idea sounds crazy. The temperatures are on the rise and we’re talking about getting into a hot tub, but what if you made your Cal Spa into a “cool” tub?  While the outside temperature in the 90’s, drop down your tub temperature to the 70’s for a cool and refreshing soak.

Some of our Cal Spa line can even reach temperatures as low as the 50’s so if you’ve just hit the gym and your muscles are feeling sore, drop the temperature a little lower to reap the benefits similar to taking an ice bath in order to let your aching muscles recover. The cold water helps reduce swelling and once you leave the water the muscles warm back up bringing oxygenated blood back in to help muscles recover. Combined with Spazazz Muscle Therapy your aches and pains will be a problem of the past in no time. With our free shipping on orders over $100 there’s no better time to buy than now!!


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