You need this grill cover!

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There’s no better time to buy the Cal Flame Grill Cover with 25% off now through July 23rd.

Cal Flame BBQ Grill

This cover keeps any Cal Flame grill looking its best by protecting it against weather damage. Protect your investment with this cover today!

Cover fits up to 2, 3, 4, & 5 burner grills.



Top 5 reasons you need this grill cover today!

1. Protect your Cal Flame grill from the weather.

Rain or shine this Cal Flame cover has got your grill covered! Rain and snow can damage your grill over time so it’s essential to keep it covered when your grill isn’t in use. Keep your grill safe from rust that can contaminate your food with a little cover up that will help your grill last longer.

2. Protect your Cal Flame grilling accessories.

If you like to keep your grilling accessories close to your grill then a cover is a great way to keep your accessories safe from the elements.

3. No more dust and debris

Tired of cleaning off your grill before every use? The Cal Flame grill cover will protect your grill from dust and debris, not to mention birds who like to find a comfortable spot above your grill. Adding a cover will also help prevent your grills color from fading by protecting it from the sun.

4. Prevents Salt Corrosion

If you live on the east or west coast then the ocean air is something that can cause some harm to your grill. Salt can cause corrosion and rust your grill. This could make your grill difficult or even unsafe for use.

5. Keeps insects and animals out

Nothing can ruin an appetite more than finding bugs or animals near or on your grilling equipment. Bugs and animals are known to look for nesting areas and your grill is a perfect little shelter for them. Don’t let wasps, mice, or even birds make your grill their next home.

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