Relaxing Hydrotherapy Jets

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Cal Spas offers a varied selection of hot tub jets, each with their own specialized function. These massage therapy jets are strategically positioned to deliver relaxing hydrotherapy massages that target specific stress areas of your body. With a simple twist of the wrist, you can turn each spa jet on or off for ultimate customization.

High Velocity Jets
High Velocity Jets form a whirlpool to circulate a high volume of water and create movement throughout the hot tub.

Storm Jets
Storm Jets circulate water through a vortex design that creates a strong current to deliver a kneading massage on your middle and lower back. Cal Spas storm jets feature a storm jets feature an exclusive patented design.

Euro Jets
Euro jets deliver a steady stream of water to evenly massage pressure points in your back, shoulders and neck.

Rotation Jets
Rotation Jets move water rapidly in a circular pattern for a pulsating and invigorating upper and middle back massage.

Ozone Jets
Ozone Jets send soothing bubbles through the spa and infuse the water with bacteria fighting O3 oxygen from the Ozonator.

Directional Jets
Directional Jets incorporate an inner adjustable nozzle that can be moved with the tip of your finger to massage a wider area of your back and neck.

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