Setting up your Deep Fryer!

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Need help installing that deep fryer you purchased over at We’ve got the step by step instructions you need for an easy and seamless installtion. Follow the guide below and if any issues arise please call our customer care line.

1. Remove the white protective film. Remove the handle from the cover and reattach it to the other side. (Handle is attached to bottom of cover for shipping.) Do not use the cover until you reattach the handle!

2. Remove two grates (left or right side) and and the flame tamers (the angular metal pieces covering the burners). Place the Deep Fryer Helper in the grill as shown in the figure below.

3. Place the thermometer in the shaft located at the front of the Deep Fryer Helper.

Deep Frying

1. Fill the Deep Fryer Helper to the fill line (about 12 to 13 cups or about 6 liters). Be careful not to spill oil onto the burner as damage and/or fire will result.


2. Light the grill and set the burners at low temperature. Heat the oil for about 30 minutes. Wait until the thermometer shows the oil at the optimum frying temperature, between 350° – 375° F.

Oil can catch fire if overheated. Do not allow the oil temperature to exceed 450° F! Never use the fryer with a burner set to high.

3. Add food to the fry basket and place the basket into the oil.

Do not deep fry frozen poultry in the Deep Fryer Helper.

4. After food has fried for a sufficient time, lift the fry basket out of the oil and allow it to drain. SEE EXAMPLE AT RIGHT. Remove food to an appropriate vessel and return the fry basket to oil. Repeat as needed.

5. When finished frying, turn off the burner and slide the cover over the oil basin. Keep covered until it has completely cooled.

Do not use the slide cover with the Deep Fryer Helper while the burners are still on! This could result in overheating, fire, or explosion!

In addition, do not close the grill hood when using this accessory. Do not use this accessory in combination with the griddle or with any other accessory that would result in covering more than 3/4ths of the grilling area as overheating can result.


Never attempt to remove the Deep Fryer Helper from the grill when hot. Allow it to cool completely before removing or cleaning. Dispose of used cooking oil appropriately.

Steaming and Boiling

The Deep Fryer Helper can also be used as a steamer, allowing you to steam or boil food.

1. Add water to just below the level of the steaming plate. Be careful not to spill water onto the burner as damage will result.

2. Slide the cover on the Deep Fryer Helper.

3. Light the burners and bring the water to a boil.4. Reduce heat, remove the cover and add food for steaming.Periodically check the water level. Add water as needed.When food reaches desired doneness, carefully remove the lid and remove food from the Deep Fryer Helper with long-handled tongs or a slotted spoon.For boiling, follow instructions for steaming but do not insert the steaming plate.

Add as much water as necessary to cover the foods being cooked, but never fill the Deep Fryer Helper more than halfway.

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