Relaxing Hydrotherapy Jets That You Need to Try!

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Cal Spas offers a varied selection of hot tub jets, each with their own specialized function. These massage therapy jets are strategically positioned to deliver relaxing hydrotherapy massages that target specific stress areas of your body. With a simple twist of the wrist, you can turn each spa jet on or off for ultimate customization. Here are the different types of massage therapy jets that you need to try:


Eight jets aligned from your neck down to your lower back provide a medium intensity tissue massage for your entire back. Tension and muscle aches quickly disappear leaving you relaxed.


A gentle hydro-massage is applied all-over for a soothing sensation and immersive experience.


A gentle and relaxing back massage works with warm spa water to relieve stubborn back pain. This soothing experience will be your favorite getaway to end a long day.


12 jets provide a soft tissue massage that penetrates muscle pain across your back. End your days by relaxing in your own personal hydrotherapy spa.


A deep-tissue massage for upper and lower back pain works with a gentle yet firm pulsating jets targeting your middle back.


The Circuit Pack provides a soft to medium intensity massage geared towards key muscles in your back. Jets can be adjusted to specific areas for an even better therapeutic experience.


Release muscle tension and joint pain with a perfectly aligned back massage. The Trigger Pack is perfect for targeting tense muscles.


The pattern of the jets is designed to hit muscles that cause tension and relieve the everyday stress. The nine jets provide a soft to medium tissue massage to help eliminate back pain.


Combine the best of both worlds. A kneading massage relaxes your upper back while a deep penetrating lower massage targets to release daily tension.


Targeted neck jets and pulsating upper and lower back jets provide a deep massage on problematic areas.

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