Spook things up in the Grill this Halloween

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Halloween is looming in the near future…and you know what that means…..spooky treats! We’ve gathers some spooktastic creepy treats to serve up at your Halloween festivities. They’ll sure to cause a scream!

Grilled Bat Wings

Chicken wings make the perfect illusion for the illusion of crispy bat wings. Put your chicken wings on the grill until they’ve got a nice cripsy texture. Once crisp has been achieved, take some barbecue with black food coloring and mix together to create a gooey bat texture. Brush the mixture of your chicken wings and they’re ready for the ghouls of the party!

Rack of Rib Cage

If your party is looking a little grim and full of hungry zombies, we recommend going with the Rack of Rib Cage to satisfy the hungriest of monsters. When your ribs are done cooking to your preference you can cut a half inch of meat off each end of the rib to expose some white bone. Align your ribs next to each other and top off the look by placing some ketchup dipping sauce in the middle to give the feast a full chest cavity look.

Missing Finger Hot Dogs

Want to make the party really scream? Serve up some bloody severed fingers on a bun! This creepy but simple Halloween treat just involves getting some traditional hot dogs and boiling them. Once the dogs are ready slice off a small portion from the top of the hot dog to make it look like a fingernail then remove the other end of the hot dog.

If you want to add some details, make some light slices below your finger nail slice to give the illusion of wrinkles. You can also add in some chicken bones for added delight.

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