Top Ten Tips for Grilling

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Top Ten Tips for Grilling

Here at Cal Flame we’re always looking for new tips and tricks for grilling and we know it can be a little daunting if you’re new to the scene.  Today we’ve gathered out top ten tips and tricks to help ease some of that intimidation.

  1. There are two grilling methods: Direct and Indirect, know the difference and when to use them.
  2. Oil the food, not the grates.
  3. Do not cook on a grill that is 600F or above.
  4. Always preheat your grill. Wait for the charcoal to be covered with gray ash or if you have a gas grill turn all burners on high.
  5. Always let your food rest before cutting into it.
  6. Clean your grill gates before and after every use.
  7. Only flip your food once at the halfway point through cooking time.
  8. Cooking with the lid closed will reduce your cooking time.
  9. Brush with BBQ sauce only during the final 10-15 minutes of cooking time.
  10. Place your food across the grilling grates so the items do not fall through. This will also maximize your grill marks.

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